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How to find a job worth waking up for…

Posted on May 8, 2015 in Uncategorized

We spend a good majority of our lives where? On our mattresses and at our jobs. Now I’m not going to discuss the merits of a tempurpedic mattress here, however, I hear they are amazing. We all spend 40+ hours a week at a job that we either love, hate, or tolerate. Doesn’t it just make sense for us to find that something that we enjoy and not only that, that something that brings fulfillment because we’re good at it?

I’ve heard some very successful people say don’t take a job just for the money. At the time I thought, yah, easy for YOU to say. You have all the money in the world…with each passing work week, I start to realize the wisdom of that statement. There are very wealthy people who are miserable and there are those who make an average income and love life. So can we have our cake and eat it too??? Why yes, we can.

So how does one find this cross between interests/natural talents/abilities/gifts and marketable skills that actually can create an income? Sometimes it can be a crap shoot really. If you would have told me there is a lady on Youtube who tests out children’s toys, racks up millions of views, and gets paid millions from Youtube because of it, I would have laughed you out of the room. Well, that Youtube channel actually exists and kids LOVE it. So much for all of that blood sweat and tears in Chem 1010.

In order to discover these natural abilities and gifts, you must do some self discovery. Different authors and life coaches call them by different things- your genius, your gift, etc. Basically it comes down to what are the things you can do better than the average person? What are the activities you engage in and you all of a sudden lose track of time? Sure this a rudimentary approach and there are entire books written on the topic, but this is a decent start. For me, my father was in the military throughout my childhood which meant we had to move every few years. I became the “new kid” at school because it happened so frequently. As a result, I had to learn how to make friends and fast. So I did. This has been a skill that has served me well and today, I have a successful career as a salesman. Much of which I attribute to the things I had to learn as a child in surviving all of the different schools I went to. Can you think of what you do really well?

Lets keep this conversation going on the next article…Good night!